Practical info

When & Where
When: 24-25 October 2018 - see detailed timetable below
 Leonardo Royal Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz
AddressOtto-Braun-Strasse 90, D-10249 Berlin, Germany
Reservation phone: +49 (0)30  688 322 422
How to get to the venue:  - click here.

Please note when booking your hotel room please state "o2owind" to have your discount. This option is valid until the 3rd of October.

Price to join the Owners Roundtable – Wind 2018: 980 €
O2O WIND members pay 650 €. Please check here if your company is a member. If you don't have the discount code just contact me at +46-760-12 71 77 or at
For bigger packages please contact us directly at
The price includes lunch, drinks, and documentation. VAT not included.
Networking dinner on the 24th of October: €70
We reserve the right to change the program, date, and venue.

Time table

24th of October 2018
10:00-12:00 Meeting for "Inside the head of the Head of Operations". A user group for the highest ranked persons within wind farm operations among O2O WIND member companies. Only by invitation.

24th of October 2018
12:00 Lunch (optional)
13:00 Registration opens
13:30 1st session of roundtables starts
14:15 Break
14:45 1st session of roundtables continues
15:30 Wind Expo opens
19:30 Networking dinner at the Leonardo Royal Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz (booked separately)

25th of October 2018
09:00 2nd session of roundtables starts
09:45 Break
10:00 2nd session fo roundtables continues
10:45 Break
11:00 3rd session of roundtables starts
11:45 Break
12:00 3rd session of roundtables continues
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Turbine specific roundtables starts
14:30 Break
14:45 Turbine specific roundtables continues
15:30 Second day ends

Preparations to have all discussions to be based on

your and your peers top challenges

Before arriving at the event

Some weeks after you have booked - Preliminary choice of roundtables 
Just after you have booked we would like you to do a preliminary choice of which roundtables you wish to attend. Your peers are interested both in various topics but it is also important for them who has an interest in which roundtable. 

Client's recommendation: More roundtables from start
With recommendations from 2017, have decided to launch a much broader selection of roundtables to improve matching between individual needs and suggested topics. 

Roundtables continuously added by participants
When booking you are also asked to add your own suggestion for a roundtable.

So the number of roundtable topics will increase and as seen below you will be able to change your preliminary decision and choose what will suit your current needs best.

One month before the event -  Final decision on roundtables

Client's recommendation: When you arrive at the event you will be handed a documentation with your name on it and inside you will find all the roundtables you have chosen and all peers joining each roundtable. In order to print these individual handouts, we need our participants to make their final decision for which roundtables to chose, one month before the event. 

One month before the event -  Formulating your top challenge for each roundtable
To build a solid foundation for valuable discussions we have made it mandatory to share your top challenge for each roundtable you wish to attend. To maximize the outcome for you and your peers there are two things we want you to keep in mind:

The top challenge you define should be based on an actual need within your company for which you really would like to find a solution in order to improve your wind farm operations. Describe your top challenge in detail with a clear and simple text and the input from your peer will most likely become more valuable.

Arriving at a roundtable


Client's recommendation: When you arrive at the event you will be handed a documentation with your name on it and inside you will find all the roundtables you have chosen and all peers joining each roundtable. This handout will be a neat and handy little booklet to guide you at the event also with the time schedule found inside.

Moderation at each roundtable
Client's recommendation: Each roundtable will have its own moderator. The moderator has three tasks:

Time management
The moderator will make sure that each and one around the table is included. The moderator will both make sure that we do not spend too much time on a subtopic or that one person is taking up to much time.
Stick to given topic
The moderator will also lift us back on track if we happen to go too far away from the given topic.

Summarise top three findings
Once a roundtable session has come to an end, each moderator will directly summarise the top three findings from their discussions. This summary will be written well so that it could also be understood by those who did not participate in the specific discussion.

Moderate a roundtable and get the networking dinner for free
To make sure that we manage to keep to our timetable each table will have its own moderator. Our moderators are recruited among our participants. Those who sign up as a moderator will have the networking dinner for free. If you know that you are a social person who understands that this entire exercise will be more rewarding, being a moderator, then please let us know, either by clicking “Yes” at this specific question in the registration or by sending us an email right now by clicking on the following email: .

After the event

Top three findings from each table

Client's recommendation: After the event, you will be sent an overview of the top three findings for all roundtables. 

Mingle pictures
After the event, you will be let into a password protected section of this homepage with pictures and videos from the event. This was also being asked for in 2017 so that one could produce a more interesting report at home.

Delegate list
After the event, you will receive a delegate list with complete contact information for all your peers who have visited the event. As you have nothing to sell to each other most likely only good things will come out of this.

After the event, the summary of our evaluation will be presented in a section at this homepage.