How did it go in 2017?

Video Evaluations, written evaluations and Improvements

Video evaluations from Enel Green Power, Engie, Innogy and Gas Natural Fenosa Renowables

José Alba, Global Head of O&M at Enel Green Power

Rémi Stein, Senior Machinery Expert at Engie

Oliver Constanso, Head of Technical Performance Management, Innogy

IñIgo Luna, Head of Wind Assets Analysis at Gas Natural Fenosa

Written evaluations from 2017
We have now compiled the evaluation from 2017, please find this below. Considering suggested improvements we will not share all suggestions but instead list all improvements that will be in place for 2018. For the suggested date for 2018: 24-25 of October, more than 90 % had no conflicts in their agenda and we will then go ahead with these dates.
Question # 1: Were you satisfied with the Owners Roundtable – WIND 2017? Outcome: 96% answered Yes

Question # 2: Please grade your overall satisfaction:

Question # 3: What did you find most positive about the event?


”Face to face meeting with other Operators

”Very high level of attendance and good opportunity to share experiences”

”Possibility to talk in a more casual way to other owners about common issues and projects”

”Very useful to meet with other owners face to face and develop relationships with them”

”New subjects of discussion”

”It was a lot of good topics”

”Meet fellow operators and exchange ideas and experience and to discuss challenges and solutions, and to share our own knowledge”

”Meeting, discussion with owners wind farms”

”Very open minded people. Well organize, with a lot of useful information and discussions”

”Networking possibilities with wind park owners/operators from all over Europé large possibilities for exchanges on those topics that are of interest to me”


”The open discussion. Owners with great experience coming together and sharing information”

”Good technical capability of majority of attendees”


”The networking and the discussions I participated in”

”Great to meet the peers from the forum”

”Meet new owners and sharing information and knowledge”

”Roundtable – pitch optimisation”

”To notice that other companies struggle with similar problems”

In Question # 4-7 we were asking for various improvements from different angles. Instead of publishing all these suggestions I list the improvements that we will do for 2018:

1.      More roundtables from start - With recommendations from 2017, we have decided to launch a much broader selection of roundtables to improve matching between individual needs and suggested topics.

2.      Documentation - When you arrive at the event you will be handed a documentation with your name on the front page. Inside you will find all the roundtables you have chosen and all peers joining each roundtable. In order to print these individual handouts, we need our participants to make their final decision for which roundtables to chose, one month before the event. 

3.      Moderation at each roundtable - Each roundtable will have its own moderator. The moderator has three tasks:
a.      Time management
The moderator will make sure that each and one around the table is included. The moderator will both make sure that we do not spend too much time on a subtopic or that one person is taking up to much time.
b.      Stick to given topic
The moderator will also lift us back on track if we happen to go too far away from the given topic.
c.      Summarise top three findings
Once a roundtable session has come to an end, each moderator will directly summarise the top three findings from their discussions. This summary will be written well so that it could also be understood by those who did not participate in the specific discussion.

4. Top three findings from each table - After the event, you will be sent an overview of all the top three findings for all roundtables. You will then be sent a written summary of each roundtables summary. 

Question # 8: How likely would you recommend the Owners Roundtable to your peers in the industry