Vote standings for additional roundtables
When registering for the event you are able to add your own suggestion for an additional roundtable.  When a suggestion has reached 6 votes we will contact these participants to add-on this roundtable to the event.

The suggested roundtables have been carefully investigated as being very relevant topics for wind turbine owners. With this possibility to suggest your own roundtable and to actually launch these when having received sufficient votes, we hope to make this event even more tailor-made for your needs.

Roundtables that has been suggested so far by the registered participant is found in the table below. The right column tells how many votes each suggestion have so far.

Roundtable topics Votes
Is Big Data ready to help us for life time extension? 1
Advanced Analytics. Predicting Main Component failures 1
Turbine specific roundtable: Vestas V 112 -3 MW  1
Quality and pitch system ( electro mechanics ) 1
How to increase the service life of gearbox oils 1
Drive Train Measurements, gear box damage root causes, Inspections 2
Noise problematic - Possible causes 1
Utilisation of data sources for effective analytics 1
Workflow management in wind business 1
Databased Asset Management 1
Reducing O&M costs by working with other owners 1
How to cut cost and time for subsea cable repair? 1
How to increase the service life of gearbox oils 1
Quality and pitch system (electro mechanics) 1