Meet owners from all over the World to share experiences in wind farm operations.
24-25 Oct in Berlin. 27 Energy companies from 17 countries, already booked.

24-25 October I Berlin, Germany

Killing Root Causes within Wind Farm Operations,
exclusively among genuine wind turbine owner peers
- no sales pitches in sight

The Owners Roundtable - WIND 2018, explained by the organiser

Quotes from last year:

”Face to face meeting with other Operators
”Very high level of attendance and good opportunity to share experiences”
”Possibility to talk in a more casual way to other owners about common issues and projects”
”Very useful to meet with other owners face to face and develop relationships with them”
”New subjects of discussion”
”It was a lot of good topics”

"Insights for which solutions that has worked well for my peers"

”Meet fellow operators and exchange ideas and experience and to discuss challenges and solutions, and to share our own knowledge”
”Meeting, discussion with owners wind farms”
”Very open minded people. Well organize, with a lot of useful information and discussions”
”The open discussion. Owners with great experience coming together and sharing information”

”Great to meet the peers from the forum”

”Good technical capability of majority of attendees”
”Networking possibilities with wind park owners/operators from all over Europé large possibilities for exchanges on those topics that are of interest to me”

”The networking and the discussions I participated in”
”Meet new owners and sharing information and knowledge”
”Roundtable – pitch optimisation”
”To notice that other companies struggle with similar problems”

Your best source for knowledge and experiences within
wind farm operations: Your Peers

Involve your O&M team in well structured, well prepared and very valuable discussions, held exclusively among wind turbine owner peers - down to the point, down to the root cause. 

Only wind turbine owners have completely sincere ambitions to kill all root causes.
Wind turbine owners, as owners of serial produced machines with serial produced weaknesses, share a commonwealth of knowledge and experience within wind farm operations. 

Let’s come together and kill some root causes!

How your top challenges will be directly involved
Our roundtables are based on your and your peers top challenges. Prior to the event, you will share your specific challenge for each roundtable that you will attend. Prior to the event, you will also have a summary of all the roundtables you have chosen, listing which peers you will meet at each roundtable and the specific top challenges that they will bring to the table.  
During and after the event you will have: 
1) Suggested approaches to your own top challenge from all your peers around the table and discuss these with them
2) Insight into what your peers, considers to be their top challenge within the various roundtable topics
3) Insight into all suggested approaches given to your peers on their challenges
4) Summary with top three findings from all roundtables, written by each roundtable's moderator
5) Complete contact information for all your peers

Could you possibly have a better update to understand the challenges you are approaching!?

Benefits of discussing wind farm operations
in a Peer-to-Peer setting

Why have we excluded all Sales pitches?
The conference industry in wind energy is slowly sinking into a swamp of sales pitches. As a reaction to this owners have now come together and launched the Owner’s Roundtable, to enable discussions that go down to the point and down to the root cause.
Why do we appreciate independence?

If you want to discuss how to operate and maintain your wind turbines; who would have the most valuable and open information to share with you?

If you believe that those who can give you the most valuable insights are your peers working for other wind turbine owners - then this is an event made for you.
Why can only wind asset owner-employees join the Owners Roundtable?
Only those who are able to have an open discussion within wind farm operations with other wind asset owners are invited. This means that only wind asset owner-employees are invited. If we would invite other parties we would simply not be able to have the same value, creditability, and openness that we can have now.

Companies to be found at various roundtables in 2018:


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